Bierschenke has established itself as the most authentic, traditional Munich Bierkeller in the UK. We only pour draft beer brewed in Bavaria.

The desire for authenticity came from a respect of the rich traditions that have formed in Bavaria around the Bierkeller. The goal of any true Bierkeller is to foster a feeling of ‘Gemütlichkeit’, a sense of warmth, friendliness and good cheer. Bierkellers in Munich are usually run by a brewery, and are created as a space for people of all walks of life to come together and share good times over a stein of fresh beer and some hearty Bavarian cuisine.

To achieve an authentic Munich Bierkeller experience at Bierschenke, little expense has been spared. All of our furniture is real maple-wood, sourced from Munich, our sausages are being delivered from the best butchers in Germany, staff wear traditional leather lederhosen and dirndls.

We are very proud of the food we serve, and our menu reflects time-honoured Bavarian tastes. However, the centrepiece of any Bierkeller is the beer! We work closely with Paulaner Brewery and it associated breweries  (Hacker-Pschorr & AuerBräu) in Munich and will have the biggest selection of beers from these breweries in the UK. 

We offer guests the real Munich Bierkeller experience at our Bierschenke Bierkeller in Covent Garden. Come in today and see why we are the place for real Bierkeller culture in London.


Sustainability at Bierschenke

Germany has become one of the most sustainable countries, so it seems almost logical to adapt the environmental, economic and social awareness, to our Bavarian bierkeller in London.

We pride ourselves for being sustainable. From avoiding food waste to correct recycling and of course treating employees fairly. We at Bierschenke understand the importance of that ethical duty.

To reduce food waste from the start, our experienced Chefs avoid over-buying food stock straight away and are utilising food at its best.

While others may peel their vegetables and dispose of the skins, we make our own stocks from them.

After we say  goodbye after a long and lively night, we will start cleaning and tidying up our bierkeller, being careful to recycle correctly; separating glass, paper and general waste.

Lastly, humanity and integrity are an affair of the heart here at Bierschenke. This corporate culture is practised and demonstrated right from the top from the owners of the business and this is filtered down to every department by our managers.  As the famous saying goes; Happy staff, happy customers.


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