Great German beer and delicious, freshly prepared German food in a traditional Munich beer hall.  Bierschenke is an authentic taste of Munich, in the heart of London.

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Bierschenke brings the excitement of Munich and the Oktoberfest to London but is about so much more than that.  It’s about being authentic and recognising the respect that the Bavarians have for the cultural importance of food and drink. 

Bierschenke is a collage: imagine great German beer and food, Dirndl and Lederhosen, long benches and tables made in Bavaria.  Customers sitting shoulder to shoulder, Oompah music and people enjoying themselves so much they come back, time after time.  Oktoberfest bars and parties come and go but we’re just getting started.


Bierschenke has only ever sold great, imported German beers.  As a Munich beer hall, the big Bavarian beers came first, of course.  Then we looked at the pick of the great German breweries and took some of their best beers. But in addition to the nationally established brands, we looked for the great German regional beers.  And amongst the regional breweries, we found a gem; and in its owner, Reinhard, we found a diamond.


 Müllerbräu of Neuötting is a family-owned brewery established in 1768 and has been brewing great beer ever since. Müllerbräu is an accredited craft brewery and our wonderful Bierschenke Signature beers were created by Harald, their Braumeister.  These four great craft beers now account for 60% of our beer sales, even competing with Paulaner, Augustiner and Krombacher.


Since 2014, Bierschenke has sold 250,000 litres of great German beer every year.  This year, with the opening of our Bierkeller, near Tower Hill, we expect to sell 450,000 litres of great German beer.


Great German beer and wonderful German food are a good start, but only a start.  The secret is  “Gemütlichkeit”.  The feeling of well-being and contentment that comes from enjoying great German beer and food with good friends and in good company.


No wonder that we say that Bierschenke is






4 London Wall Buildings,

Blomfield Street,

London EC2M 5NT


9 Crutched Friars,