Bierschenke Brass Plate

Our Story – So Far…

In 2010, Gerry Hanratty opened Bierschenke, a Bavarian-style beerhall, in an under-utilised basement space, beneath the iconic Daly’s Wine Bar, opposite the High Court.  Gerry quickly appreciated that authenticity would be the key to Bierschenke’s success and on the advice of a major German brewer, he set out to create an authentic, Bavarian experience in which staff, in Dirndls and Lederhosen, would serve great German beer and a variety of traditional German food, including meat and sausages sourced from butchers in Munich.

Bierschenke was an immediate and phenomenal success and the demand quickly outgrew the Daly’s site. To meet this demand, Gerry retained agents to advise on the acquisition of further sites in central London.  They identified an 8,500 square feet site on Blomfield St., off London Wall that, formerly, had been Henry’s Bar and secured it, for Bierschenke, in the face of considerable competition from other pub and leisure companies.

As part of a total refurbishment, Bavarian companies were commissioned to supply the bars, benches, tables and wood panelling. Now, in the smaller, upstairs Kneipe (local bar) and in the Bierkeller, with its abundant, natural light and seating for more than three hundred, Bierschenke offers a truly authentic, Munich beerhall experience.

To complement an already unrivalled selection of established, German beers, Bierschenke approached Reinhard Müller, the owner of Müllerbräu of Neuötting, a family-owned craft brewery, established in 1768, and, together with Harald, their head brewer, created four Signature beers, which are exclusive to Bierschenke. The success of this partnership can be measured by the fact that these Signature beers now account for more than half of the 250,000 litres of draught beer sold by Bierschenke every year!

Now, nine years along and five years since the move to Blomfield Street, the brand is still growing and we have a sense of déjà vu.  The exciting news is that we have secured another site near Tower Hill and the Bierschenke Bierkeller will open on the 27th June 2019.  And the search continues for other suitable sites….Watch this space!

Respect for tradition and the cultural importance of good food and drink is the Bavarian way – and it is the Bierschenke way.