London Beer Queen

in association with Bierschenke

As you know, we at Bierschenke are very keen on observing traditions and being true to our German cultural heritage. So, after our very own Lorredana’s success last year as the Bierschenke Beer Queen, the search is on for the inaugural London Beer Queen.

If you’d like to have a go, take a Bavarian-style selfie (either with a Dirndl, or plaid shirt or braided hair) and post it on Instagram using #londonbeerqueen before 15th August. The five entrants with the largest number of likes will be asked to take a beer test and the three with the best scores will be asked to a photoshoot and wil have their photos posted on the Bierschenke Instagram page.  The winner will be the one with the most likes.

The lucky winner will be the face of Bierschenke’s Oktoberfest and will be a central part of our traditional Fassanstich when we open the Oktoberfest on 18th September.  Our Beer Queen will not only receive a traditional Dirndl, courtesy of BAVARILONDON, but will enjoy free beer every day for her year in office!*

Snap away!

*One pint a day.  Not transferable


*Not transferable