Why wait until September for Oktoberfest when you can enjoy it every Saturday at Bierschenke.

Live entertainment is on hand from 8pm, in the incomparable form of the Bavarian Strollers, who have travelled the world playing a blend of traditional and modern music, in their unique style. Less Oompah and more Oom-pop, they they are the perfect accompaniment to the authentic Bierschenke experience and will transport you on wings of music to a beer-garden in Munich.

Served in huge Stein glasses, in true Oktoberfest style, we offer a selection of the best German and Bavarian beers including our four signature beers, created in collaboration with Müllerbräu, a traditional Bavarian craft brewery, established in 1768. Their most recent creation, the Bierschenke Dunkel, a full-bodied dark beer distinguished by its chestnut-brown colour and malty flavour, richly deserves its place alongside its three, more established siblings, the Bierschenke Lager, Kellerbier and Weißbier. And if beer is not your drink of choice, we offer a wide selection of wines, champagnes and spirits sufficient to satisfy the most demanding of party-addicts.


Finally, it wouldn’t be a party without a metre of Schnapps. Yes, that’s right, a metre. One hundred centimetres. Being German, we have some expertise in this area and are very keen to share it. Take our Steinhauser Schnapps, as an example. The Steinhauser family started brewing their Schnapps in 1828. Using only fruit grown on the sunny terraces surrounding the Bodensee, the family’s respect for the traditional art of brewing delivers a unique product, which we, at Bierschenke, offer in five extraordinary flavours: strawberry-rhubarb, plum, walnut, blackberry and hay. Alternatively, you may care to board the Jägertrain. In one of the coolest bar tricks around, a line of Jägerbombs are dropped into glasses of Red Bull, like toppling dominoes. The more you order, the longer the train and the greater the fun. Yet more wisdom from our post-graduate course in Oktoberfest fun!

So, dust off your Dirndl or leap into your Lederhosen and celebrate like a true Bavarian!


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The Arches, 9 Crutched Friars, LONDON, EC3N 2AU
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Dear lovely customers,

Due to recent Government advice to avoid pubs, restaurants and other leisure businesses,

Bierschenke has decided to close its doors from Wednesday 18th March 2020 until further notice.

We hope to welcome you back again soon and will appreciate your support after this very hard period.

Stay safe and healthy.

Very best wishes,

Your Bierschenke Team.