After last year’s success, The QueerSchenke Gay Oktoberfest is back again for all you gays and gals!

Be prepared for naked skin, homo-tastic competitions, and our fabulous host, Vanity von Glow, who will provide outrageous entertainment for a night to remember.

So tighten your harness and gather your friends and lovers.
Dust off your Dirndl, leap into your Lederhosen and wear your eleganza extravaganza.
Make a divine entrance to the QueerSchenke Gay Oktoberfest!

And Entry to the QueerSchenke Gay Oktoberfest is still Free

*Celebrated at the Beer Hall Liverpool Street only.

It is not obvious but the LGBTQ side to the Munich Oktoberfest is very well established. It began in the 1970s when the Münchner Löwen Club (Munich Lions’ Club) a gay leather and fetish group, met at Oktoberfest.  Since then, the gay Oktoberfest has grown and the first Sunday, Rosa Wiesn-Oktoberfest, now attracts over 8,000 people.  Only Munich Pride is bigger! It seemed natural for London’s premier Oktoberfest venue to offer our LGBTQ community the same unrestrained atmosphere.  Everything that you’d expect from Oktoberfest is there but the atmosphere is definitely a little more fruity!

Bierschenke’s Oktoberfest has sold out for the last years, from 16th September till 31st October 2020, Bierschenke will be dedicating seven weeks, Wednesday to Saturday, to this year’s event. With traditional Oktoberfest decorations, great German beers, traditional Oktoberfest dishes, a DJ and, of course, live Oompah, from the incomparable Bavarian Strollers, the Bierschenke Oktoberfest is an authentic and unforgettable experience.

But Bierschenke is about more than great food and wonderful beer. Bierschenke is about “Gemütlichkeit”.  That feeling of well-being and contentment that comes with good friends and good company. And those perennial “X factors” – Beer, shots and FUN!

“Another thing that I love about Bierschenke is that they’re passionate about fostering a sense of community. Aside from live music events and pubquizzes, they’ve also held fundraising events for mental health charities, and have introduced a LGBT “QueerSchenke Oktoberfest”. That’s something worth applauding.” 

  • That Anxious Traveller 24th July 2018.


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The Arches, 9 Crutched Friars, LONDON, EC3N 2AU View on Google Maps

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